Toxic Friends

Friendships can be just as toxic as any other relationship. Lack of communication can ruin those good friendships just because your pride gets in the way. In my opinion, the end of long-term friendships can be the most hurtful ones. You should be able to communicate with your friends. Forgive them and apologize if you have to, if it goes both ways. It’ll be the best thing you can do for yourself and others.

The transition from middle school to high school was one of the WORST experiences of my life. I was one of those teens that had to leave all their close friends behind because I was attending a different high school with new people. It wasn’t hard for me to adjust and meet new people, I’m open to that. Leaving my friends was difficult. I had spent 2 years in the same friend group. I had my best experiences in middle school. I had just moved into a new apartment so I was in a way, starting fresh. Middle school was the best but also the worst.

I experienced the good times with friends but also the bad times. I don’t believe in having “fake” friends because I know people change for the better but I guess you can say I had a few negative experiences with people then. A few people would make assumptions and say I had a perfect life. I didn’t. I was happy to always be around my friends but my life was far farrr from perfect. People never saw the ugly parts of it. People would love to hate me for no reason. I’m a good person, I was raised to be one. I will be the first one to apologize if I’ve ever was to hurt someone’s feelings but looking back, I was never the type to get myself involved in any drama. I stayed away from that. To this day, I let people talk, I let people assume what they want about me. “Friends” who try to degrade you, are not really your friends and they never were to begin with. However, I know me so I don’t let other’s opinions about me affect me. Some people will be influenced by others to ‘hate’ on somebody. It makes absolutely no sense as to why you should hate on someone just because your friend said you should and why you should. If you don’t know this person personally, keep their names out of your mouth. Trust me, you’d be a lot happier.

Forgiving and communicating is important in any relationship. If you know there is tension between you and another person you should be able to own up to your mistakes. Good communication is healthy. Forgiving and apologizing is healthy. You need to be able to realize that you may be the reason you and another person fell off. So own up to it and apologize. No one will judge you as long as you do whats right. People make mistakes all the time, but everyone will apologize for them. I know people, I won’t mention any names, that to this day have not reached out to me to actually talk about why and how we fell off because it was happened so sudden with no explanation. The point is that in order to be truly happy you need to let go of any grudges and bitterness for yourself and others. Try to build healthy friendships. Build the type of friendships that bring out the best in you. You need those.

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