Halloween Vinyl Expanded Edition


I am SO glad I was able to preorder this masterpiece. I recently bought myself a record player and I’ve been loving it so far. Of course this features the classic ‘Halloween Theme’ song plus so much more like Laurie’s Theme, Michael Kills, The Boogeyman, etc. These are a few of the classic instrumentals featured in this soundtrack. The packaging alone is incredible and definitely worth it! You have the option of purchase 1 disk or 2. Of course, I’d recommend that you buy both discs so you can have a variety of songs to listen to this spooky szn!

This is perfect for a chilly Halloween night when you have nothing to do at home but listen to some spooky tunes while you read your favorite book because you have no friends that will dress up and hang out with you. Okay… that was pretty specific but that’s just reality!!

Each track has its own unique sound, it’ll make you feel like you’re in the movie yourself…. creepy lol. The 2-disc version comes with 4 total sides (Side A, Side B, Side C and Side D) All the music featured in this vinyl was composed, performed, and recorded by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies. You can find this at Urban Outfitters, Target, Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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