why aesthetics matter



Ever wonder why people’s instagram feeds or twitter profiles look so visually please? They focus on aesthetic.

Finding and sticking to one is difficult but you have to play with colors and different tones until you find what you like. The definition is literally “the appreciation of beauty”. Having a nice and clean organized feed will make people want to scroll through your feed or follow you just because you took the time to edit your photos. When someone says “you have a nice aesthetic” they mean they like the way you present yourself. Ultimately, the kind of things you post online are all a representation of who you are as a person. You have a certain style and look. You’re unique. So show others that you are. I love my black and white aesthetic with my cloister black font. I use aesthetics to brand myself.

Aesthetics not only help with social media but they can also help your business and art improve. I will share more of my tips and tricks for new business owners soon!

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